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WhatsApp Delta

More features, more convenience, more ease of use — WhatsApp Delta

WhatsApp Delta Download Updated Latest Official Version 2024

Customizable themes

Hide Online Status

Hiding blue ticks

Do not disturb mode

Automatic reply

Crashing of the built-in application

Updated 2024 | Official website: Deltawww.net

The long-awaited WhatsApp Delta has been available for some time now. Its R&D team, Deltalabs Studio, was inspired by GBWhatsApp to create WhatsApp Delta. Hence, WhatsApp Delta is also known as GB WhatsApp Delta or WhatsApp GB Delta. WhatsApp Delta focuses on the core requirement of modern messaging – message security. Additionally, WhatsApp Delta 2024 is designed to offer features that were previously limited by GBWhatsApp. It currently boasts over 400 million users in many countries and regions around the world. As a new mod for GBWhatsApp, the R&D team has worked hard to make WhatsApp Delta more unique, useful, and user-friendly. Now is a great time to WhatsApp Delta download APK 2024 and enjoy all the changes its technology brings.

WhatsApp Delta APK Basic Information

The table below clearly shows the main information about WhatsApp Delta APK for users’ reference.

NameWhatsApp Delta APK
Research and Development GroupDeltalabs Studio
Updatethree days ago
Android Requires5.0+
Number of users400,000,000

What makes WhatsApp Delta stand out?

Thanks to its uniqueness and security, WhatsApp Delta stands out from the many modules of the original WhatsApp and GBWhatsApp. In terms of functionality, the development team behind GBWhatsApp Delta worked to break the limitations of the original WhatsApp while retaining as many of its strengths as possible. As a result, there are many similarities and differences between WhatsApp Delta GB and the original WhatsApp.

Similarities: WhatsApp Delta shares the same basic features as the original WhatsApp, such as text, voice or video chat, media transfer, file transfer, blue checkmarks, online status, and more.

Differences: The differences between the two are also apparent. The biggest feature is that the updated WhatsApp Delta offers very few restrictions in any aspect. For example, users can choose to hide blue checkmarks and online status on WhatsApp Delta GB. Additionally, WhatsApp Delta can offer some features that the original WhatsApp doesn’t, such as automatic replies and a built-in app lock.

WhatsApp Delta Updated VS Original WhatsApp

The table below compares WhatsApp Delta with the original WhatsApp and provides a reliable reference.

FeaturesWhatsApp DeltaOriginal WhatsApp
Photo and video transferHD photosImage quality compression
Message forwardingunlimited5 chats
File transfer2GB100MB
Text, voice and video chat×
Group chat×
Customizable themes, wallpapers and fonts×
Hiding blue ticks×
Hide online status×
Automatic reply×
Blocking the built-in application×
Hide typing×
Changing icons×
Sending mass messages×
Always online×
Private chat×

Changes brought about by the updated WhatsApp Delta 2024

Compared to previous versions such as WhatsApp Delta updated 2021 and WhatsApp Delta updated 2020, WhatsApp Delta 2024 offers a number of new features and optimizes some of the previous original features.

Exclusive features of WhatsApp Delta Latest Version


Customizable Themes, Wallpapers, and Fonts

What’s standard in the deltaApp doesn’t limit the available themes because delta WhatsApp themes are abundant. It’s all free and without any ads. With delta WhatsApp Internet, you can change not only the theme but also the fonts and wallpaper. Users can choose their favorite fonts and personalize the wallpaper.

Automatic Reply

Don’t want your contacts to wait too long for a response from you? Don’t miss out on this feature. Normally, this feature is only available in WhatsApp Business. However, to use WhatsApp Business, users have to associate with a business. In WhatsApp Delta 2024, users can use this feature directly without having to join a business as in WhatsApp Business. With delta WhatsApp, users can use autoresponders immediately. Furthermore, users won’t find this feature in the official WhatsApp. This makes the updated delta WhatsApp very special.

Privacy & Security Protection

Hide Online Status

The original WhatsApp could never hide your online status. Users could only choose to be online or offline. But WhatsApp Delta YOWA gives users more options. Users can choose to hide their online status. Not everyone wants to show their online status to all their contacts. This feature is, therefore, a great convenience for those who are actually online but don’t want their contacts to know.

Hide Blue Ticks

Again, the best feature of the official WhatsApp is that users can use blue ticks to see if a contact has received a message or if the contact has read the message. This feature has its pros and cons; the advantage is that users always know what people are up to. But the downside is also obvious: the same goes for everyone else. After all, sometimes users will see a message but don’t want to respond to it. In the original WhatsApp, the worst thing about this feature was that the user had no choice. There was no option for users to choose whether they wanted blue ticks or not. But in WhatsApp Delta Alpha, this is no longer the case. Users are free to choose whether they want to use blue ticks or not. However, users can still continue to see blue tick marks for their own contacts.

More Demanding Features

Built-in App Lock

Downloading the updated WhatsApp Delta brings the integrated app lock to enhance the security of WhatsApp Delta. This is a completely new feature. Normally, users can only use the phone lock to protect the privacy of their chats. WhatsApp Delta is committed to providing users with sufficient security.

Do Not Disturb Mode

The Do Not Disturb Mode, also known as Airplane Mode, has to be one of the most special features of WhatsApp Delta. When you open the app, you will find an airplane icon at the top of the WhatsApp Delta home page. Click on the airplane icon to start enjoying the Do Not Disturb mode. When you don’t want to receive all WhatsApp Aero messages, the Do Not Disturb mode that comes with WhatsApp Aero will help you hide all messages. And you don’t need to turn on airplane mode as you do on your phone to stop receiving messages from all apps.

Optimized features of WhatsApp Delta Latest Version

Message Forwarding: In the WhatsApp Delta APK Latest Version, message forwarding has been optimized. There is no longer a limit to the number of messages that can be forwarded.

Hide Typing: Users can choose to hide their typing status.

Icon Change: WhatsApp Delta APK 2024 offers a variety of app icons to choose from, making WhatsApp Delta less boring.

Bulk Messaging: WhatsApp Delta has been optimized for group messaging, making this feature even more stable.

Always Online: In WhatsApp Delta 2024, users can set themselves to be online all the time, regardless of whether they are actually online or not.

Private Chats: Users can choose not to have media from their chats in WhatsApp Delta 2024 displayed in their phone gallery.

HD Pictures: WhatsApp Delta 2024 allows high-definition images to be sent without compressing image quality.

How to Download WhatsApp Delta APK 2024

If you need to download the latest WhatsApp Delta APK version 2024, the latest official WhatsApp Delta is available for download on our official website, APKpure, and Uptodown. You can keep the official download site deltaww.net in mind, and you will receive the latest WhatsApp Delta update.

The steps to Download WhatsApp Delta APK:

Step 1. Downloading WhatsApp Delta 2024 is actually quite simple. You’ll need to click on the trusted link below to get the WhatsApp Delta download.

Step 2. Transfer the downloaded WhatsApp Delta APK to your phone. Make sure you have enough storage on your phone.

Step 3. Enable the “Allow installation from unknown sources” setting on your phone.

Step 4. After allowing installation from unknown sources, find the WhatsApp Delta APK again, click on it, and you will see the “Install” option, click on it to install WhatsApp Delta.

Step 5. Wait for a few moments for the WhatsApp Delta installation step to be completed, users can then launch the WhatsApp Delta APP and choose to log into their existing account or sign up for a new account.

Complete these steps, and you are ready to start enjoying the latest version of WhatsApp Delta!

Update WhatsApp Delta in 2024

The latest version 2024 was released in December, and you can download it from our official website and update to the latest 2024 version.

The steps to update the WhatsApp Delta APK are not cumbersome. If you haven’t used WhatsApp Delta before, you can download the updated WhatsApp Delta 2024 directly from our official website; please refer to the steps above. If you are currently using a previous version of WhatsApp Delta, you will need to back up your data, download the updated WhatsApp Delta from the official website, and install it.

WhatsApp Delta Trivia

Q1. About or WhatsApp Delta feminino

WhatsApp Delta female is no different from WhatsApp Delta in terms of functionality and use. But WhatsApp Delta female offers more female-oriented themes and wallpapers, which is why it was named WhatsApp Delta female. Click here for the official link to download WhatsApp Delta female apk.

Q2.Is it possible to use the same number for both WhatsApp Delta and the original WhatsApp?

Yes, your WhatsApp Delta account can function alongside your official WhatsApp account. However, please note that WhatsApp doesn’t permit simultaneous usage on multiple apps. If you switch between them, you’ll need to log in again to the respective app. WhatsApp Delta and the official WhatsApp cannot be active concurrently, but you can choose to use one at a time.

Q3.What happens if the recipient is also using a mod WhatsApp?

When the person you’re communicating with is using a modded version of WhatsApp, they possess the same capabilities as you do. In this situation, it’s important to consider their capabilities. For example, don’t assume someone is offline; they might still be accessing all the data you’re sharing.

Q4.Is Delta WhatsApp a safe option?

Yes! Delta WhatsApp is a secure choice. Its safety is evident from its over one billion downloads and the positive feedback from users, making it a reliable APK to use.

Q5.How do I update WhatsApp Delta?

As a third-party WhatsApp mod APK, you won’t find this application on the Google Play Store or other official platforms. Instead, you can download it from a trusted website. To get WhatsApp Delta latest version 2024, simply follow the link provided above.

Q6.Is WhatsApp Delta available for free?

Yes, WhatsApp Delta is completely free to use. There are no hidden costs or subscription charges associated with it. You can enjoy all the features it offers, including extra customization features and themes, without any additional fees.

Q7.Is it possible to customize fonts in Delta WhatsApp?

Certainly, Delta WhatsApp provides a variety of font sizes and styles that allow for easy customization. You can effortlessly change the fonts to suit your preferences.

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Last thoughts

Instant messaging apps have brought so much convenience to our lives that many people think of WhatsApp Delta when they talk about popular Internet apps that break the limitations of the original WhatsApp. During the official WhatsApp boom, WhatsApp Delta 2024 also made a big splash and attracted a lot of attention. A large number of users have shown great love for the unique features of WhatsApp Delta 2024 while using it. Click the button below to enjoy the customizable WhatsApp Delta APK.

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